What is the difference between a bolt and a screw

болт или винт

Bolts and screws are one of the most common types of fasteners. They are used in everyday life, in repair work. They are used in construction, in factories that produce machine tools, machinery, equipment, furniture, electronics, etc. The purpose of the products is to fasten the structure. But not everyone understands what is the difference between these fasteners. What are their common features and differences?

General and differences between bolts and screws

The bolt is a fastener through which detachable parts are connected. It is made in the form of a metal rod, on one end of which there is a 4 or 6-sided head, and on the other – a thread. This category presents products that differ in size (length and diameter of the rod, diameter of the head) and design features that determine the scope of application.

Screws also relate to fasteners and are used to connect detachable elements. But at the same time, one of the fastened parts must have an internal thread. Products are cylindrical and conical. They also consist of a rod and a head, but the thread is applied over the entire length, and the head has a streamlined shape.

Such structural differences make these hardware fundamentally different mounts. They create different connections:

  1. The bolt passes through the fastened structural elements through, and a nut is screwed onto its threaded end and tightened with a wrench. This ensures a strong connection. In the mix, the hardware remains static.
  2. The screw is screwed into a predetermined threaded connection (with the exception of self-tapping screws that have a pointed end and themselves make a hole with the corresponding thread) using a screwdriver or socket wrench. In some connections, the hardware can be rotated.

Another difference is that the head of the bolt after installation remains above the surface of the parts to be joined, and the screw is deepened so that it is flush with the surface.

To summarize

Despite the apparent similarity, the bolts and screws are different fasteners with different ways of connecting parts. The scope of their application is also excellent. Using bolts, a more durable and reliable fastening of the parts is obtained, therefore they are used to create highly loaded joints. The screw connection looks almost imperceptible, which is relevant in the manufacture of furniture, household appliances, electronics, etc.

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