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TDMI company offers to buy metric products in Kiev and with delivery to other regions of Ukraine. A wide range of products from leading domestic and foreign manufacturers allows you to select the appropriate fasteners for domestic needs, manufacturing enterprises, agricultural and construction industries. The hardware catalog contains exclusively certified products. Company managers are constantly in touch. Contact them to get competent assistance in choosing the right products.

Types of Metric Fasteners

Metric fasteners – products with internal or external metric threads. Elements of this category are manufactured at enterprises with strict observance of the production process technology and on the basis of standards established by GOSTs. Such materials are characterized by increased reliability, durability. They are easily mounted and dismantled.

Fasteners for wood, metal, roofing materials, etc., have been widely used in everyday life and in production. Between themselves, they differ in types, sizes, and scope. For outdoor work, it is better to select products from stainless steel or with galvanized coating. They are more resistant to negative environmental influences, which maintains the strength of the fastening over a long period of time.

Types of metric fasteners:

  • Bolts. The fastener structurally consists of a rod with an external thread and a hexagonal (mainly) head. The product is classified depending on the application. Bolts are furniture, engineering, road, ploughshare. The latter are used to fix mounted actuators on special-purpose vehicles.
  • Nuts. Hexagonal object with a hole with a female thread. It is applied complete with a bolt and provides a strong detachable connection. Widely used in mechanical assembly and furniture shops, in everyday life.
  • Hairpins. Double-threaded metal rod. They are used when it is necessary to connect separate structural elements that are at a certain distance from each other. They can be of different lengths, starting from a couple of centimeters and up to 1-2 meters.
  • Screws. Used to connect elements with internal thread. Structurally consist of a rod and a head. They differ among themselves by the number of visits, profile, direction of movement.

These fasteners have their own accuracy class according to GOST, which simplifies the selection process.

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