Fasteners catalog

Fasteners catalog: everything that may be required in everyday life and in production

TDMI is a leading supplier in the Ukrainian market of fasteners for various manufacturing sectors, agriculture, alternative energy, and domestic applications. Hardware from the catalog and other products are of high quality. They are reliable, durable, have certificates of conformity. We work both with domestic manufacturers and organize direct deliveries from factories in Europe and Asia. You can contact us with individual and bulk orders. And be sure that for each client there are attractive solutions in terms of price.

Large range of fasteners

The catalog of fasteners of our company includes materials that may be needed by the enterprise or household:

  • Fasteners for solar systems. These are the materials that will be required during the installation phase of a solar power station or the installation of panels. You can choose models that will help fix the elements on special racks, flat or sloping roofs. These are end and central clamps, butt connectors, grounding terminals, etc.
  • Metric products. This includes screws, bolts, washers, threaded rods, nuts, and other fasteners having internal or external threads. Products are manufactured by enterprises in standard sizes, standardized by GOSTs. Between themselves, they differ in length, diameter, materials.
  • Self-tapping screws, screws. These are external thread fasteners that are screwed into the surface. The range of goods is very wide, allowing you to choose screws and screws for wood, drywall, metal, universal, for windows, sandwich panels, roofing, furniture, etc.
  • Dowels, anchors, including for the installation of heat-insulating materials. These are fasteners that are used in works with materials of increased density: metal, brick, concrete, stone. Anchor bolts are indispensable for fastening to the foundations of building structures.
  • Rivets, riveting nuts. This is a product that is widely used in the manufacture of sheet metal structures. They are steel, copper, stainless, aluminum.
  • Goods for rigging. Here are the chains, clamps, cables and other goods that will be required to secure the goods during transportation. This section also presents wiring models.

The catalog of fasteners includes stainless steel products, which will be optimal when used outdoors. It does not rust, retains its properties and functionality throughout its service life.

Order fasteners in TDMI

The TDMI catalog contains those fasteners that you need, and at a good price. Consultants will help you navigate the range of products and select those that will meet the wishes of the customer. Applications are processed in a short time, and their shipment is carried out to all regions of Ukraine by transport companies.